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IT Solutions

Our IT Solutions division is dedicated to meeting the technology requirements of enterprises and telecommunication companies. We understand the importance of efficient and secure IT infrastructure in today’s digital landscape. Whether you need assistance with network infrastructure, cybersecurity, software development, or cloud computing, our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way.


Within our comprehensive range of enterprise solutions, we provide specialized services to meet the unique IT needs of businesses. Our focus on outsourced IT support, managed IT services, managed security, and cabling solutions allows us to cater to the diverse requirements of our clients. Here’s an updated description of our enterprise solutions:

Outsourced IT Support

 We understand that managing an in-house IT department can be a significant challenge for many businesses. That’s why we offer outsourced IT support services to handle all your IT needs. Our team of experienced professionals becomes an extension of your organization, providing proactive support, troubleshooting, and maintenance. With our outsourced IT support, you can focus on your core business activities while having peace of mind knowing that your IT infrastructure is in capable hands.

Managed IT Service Provider

 As a trusted managed IT service provider, we offer comprehensive IT solutions tailored to your business requirements. Our managed IT services cover a wide range of areas, including network management, server administration, hardware and software maintenance, and user support. With our proactive approach, we monitor your systems 24/7, perform regular maintenance, and swiftly address any issues that arise. By partnering with us as your managed IT service provider, you can optimize your IT operations, enhance productivity, and reduce downtime.

Managed Security Provider

 In an era of increasing cybersecurity threats, protecting your business from potential risks is crucial. As a managed security provider, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to safeguard your digital assets. Our services include threat detection and prevention, vulnerability assessments, security audits, and incident response. We employ advanced security tools and techniques to proactively monitor your systems, detect potential threats, and implement robust security measures. With our managed security services, you can fortify your defenses, ensure compliance, and mitigate the risk of cyberattacks.

Cabling Solutions

 Reliable and efficient cabling infrastructure is the backbone of any IT network. Our cabling solutions encompass the design, installation, and maintenance of structured cabling systems. Whether you require voice, data, or multimedia cabling, our expert technicians ensure the highest quality standards in cable installation, testing, and documentation. We optimize your network connectivity, improve data transmission speeds, and provide scalability for future expansions. With our cabling solutions, you can create a solid foundation for your IT infrastructure, supporting seamless communication and data transfer.

At Naya, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive enterprise solutions that cater to your IT requirements. Our outsourced IT support, managed IT services, managed security, and cabling solutions are designed to enhance your operational efficiency, strengthen your security posture, and optimize your IT infrastructure. Partner with us to leverage our expertise and experience in driving your business towards success in the digital landscape.


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In the rapidly evolving telecommunications industry, we provide cutting-edge solutions to help you stay ahead of the competition. Whether you need assistance with network design and optimization, Turnkey installations, Maintenance of BT’s or End Customers, or value-added services, we have the expertise to support your telco operations and drive growth.

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